Odour Control

In modern paper industry biological odour formation and detection are complex and challenging processes whose full description and control requires a critical mass of scientific skills.
An European survey on the paper industry shows the need for an integral odour control system. In fact, increasingly closed process water circuits, process engineering changes, and increased recovered paper utilization rates lead to high levels of organic compounds and electrolytes, prolonged retention times, increased temperature and pH levels. These changes in boundary conditions promote biological activities leading to microbiological effects such as odour formation.
Project partners believe that odour control systems based on odour monitoring systems and countermeasures will lead to cost savings in manufacturing resulting from better product quality and reduced hazard odour emissions.
As a reliable Odour Control routine for the paper industry does not exist the aim of the project is therefore developing an integral odour control system for the paper industry based on forward looking biotechnological, chemical, physical and process engineering tools.